My Top 10 Social Software RSS Feeds

In my previous post I suggested that we all share our RSS feeds. I figure that the best way to walk the walk is to make my own list. I took some time to sift through my feeds and find my top ten. These are the ones that I read the most and find the most interesting (they are not in rank order).

Or, you can view my Google Reader shared page of all the blogs I follow

Drumroll……and now here are my top 10 Social Software RSS Feeds:

1. Andrew McAfee subscribe

2. Anil Dash subscribe

3. Lifehacker subscribe

4. Strange Attractor subscribe

5. Collaborage subscribe

6. O’Reilly Radar subscribe

7. Portals and KM subscribe

8. Ross Mayfield subscribe

9. Sobleizer subscribe

10. Off the Top subscribe

Please, feel free to let me know about any of the feeds you find interesting.

The Government is pulling a fast one?

Now I know not everyone shares my “openness”, but why not? A recent press release by the bush administration, shows the benefits of transparency. I first learned about this through Dan Carlin’s podcast about the subject. Basically, the administration signed an executive order outlining how it would operate during an emergency. So, Dan and a few small papers flipped out about this. Saying that it completely overrides constitutional authority, congress, and the sanctity of this country. So, my political undies all in a bunch, I had to check it out for myself.

The order started out okay only to end in ruin, by a few simple words. Basically, the order outlines how the executive branch will act (our army, airways, civil services, etc.) in the case of an emergency. It also states that it will “advise” our state and local governments on how to act as well. Great leadership, right…so here is the catch.

A few words (most likely intentional) state that in an emergency the president proclaims a new title upon himself, National Continuity Coordinator, and he can not only advise but tell the entire federal government how to act. What could cause el presidente to want to annoint himself a dictator in case of an emergency? Even worse, the definition of an emergency is ambiguous and the coordinator gets to decide what an emergency is. Ok, yeah, like I said, totally ruins in.

All revolt and disbelief aside. This makes me think that transparency for our government and its leaders is a good thing. It would be nice to lark down all those dark holes and see what is hiding, besides tons of money in a freezer. Who doesn’t store bribes in their freezer?

But, lets not pin this all on the Executive Branch. All branches, Congress and the Supreme Court should lay bare what they do. Imagine what they can get away with then? We could weed out corruption and greed from the comfort of our own homes.

I would love to do that.

Alas, dreams and a tiny blog are all I have. Still at least I am publishing my disgust for this order, the lack of openness in our government, and making a statement for transparency in the government.

Transparency: how far down the rabbit hole will you go?

Transparency is a scary thing for some people. Not for me, over a decade ago I decided that everything in my life should be transparent. Rather, I should be able to tell my parents about everything I do. Well, now that has matured into telling the police and feds about everything I do (whycome? i is a grown up 🙂

What about the rest of the country? Do you all share my same free-spirited confidence and naive trust. My guess is not. But, wait a minute, what about this younger generation that posts intricate details of their lives on myspace, blogs, and other sites. What are they going to think…

Are we breeding a new generation that is going to expect transparency. Ooh, does that mean I am a leader of the new generation since I am way ahead of the pack, ha!

Ok, then what about having GPS, RFID, and cameras everywhere so that people know where we are at all times and even know when we are running a red light…Would this new generation be open to that. I’m pretty sure they would. In fact, I think they are going to expect it and when they find out that it isn’t that way, they are going to make it happen. And, guess what, they aren’t going to make it happen by running for an election, asking their local congressman, or whatever people do. They are just going to do it, let the old gaurd be dammed. Seriously, though, how many of the old guard even know what google earth mash-ups are?

Me, I know that I am loving this new wave of transparency. Business are doing it, friends are doing it, and so are the feds (albiet slowly). In the meantime, I am going to tell the whole world, about what I am doing and what I think. So, check out my twitter account, find me on facebook, check out my favorites on delicious and digg, and finally try and find me in google.

The new Chief: CCO, The Chief Collaboration Officer

CCO – Chief Collaboration Officer

Get used to it. This acronym will be haunting our lives for the next 20 years.

Web 2.0 will bring about many changes in corporations. One of which will be a reshuffling of management. Most of this will take place at the low and mid management levels, but their is always room for one more Chief at the top.

A colleague and I recently discussed the value of establishing a CCO. Will it be a hindrance to innovation and growth? Or, an enabler that provides top-level support?

I think that a CCO will be an enabler who radically changes the landscape of the corporate environment. The transition will not be smooth, though, many will fail and a few will succeed. Those who succeed will be copied incessantly until the role of CCO is fleshed out, understood, and books are written about it (The 7 habits of highly effective CCO’s…).

In the end, the CCO will be here to stay.

P.S. – Those CCO’s who succeed will be the ones who use the tools at home. See you on myspace!

My Community

Many thanks to Stowe Boyd, Lars Trieloff and Emily Chang for this post.

Inspiration strikes in the weirdest places and for the weirdest reasons….I’m at an Enterprise 2.0 conference (E2.0) talking about the development of Web 2.0 and what happens? I get inspired to start an art blog. Who knew…

But thanks to the power of laptops (which I can’t stress enough: “everyone needs a laptop”), networking, and the intertron, inspiration has come. Let me tell you how this happened and maybe give you a little insight into the world of Web 2.0.

On day one of the conference I had lunch with Lars and he introduced me to Roller. A blog software that can host multiple blogs. One of my holy grails for blogging. Allowing you to build a community around your blogs and avoid the mass crowds on the popular sites. I hope to eventually use this to unite my multiple blogs together.

Next, I saw a presentation at E2.0 called “Social = Me First” by Stowe. It was a really good presentation that covers the philosophy of this movement, but I was really interested in something else. I wanted to know what is next? (blogs and wikis are already years old after all). Stowe’s answer was “flow app’s“. I delved into them a little bit and it appears that he is right. (sorry, but explaining more would only cloud up this little narrative and I haven’t gotten my brain around in yet, so click the link for more).

Learning about flow app’s led me to Emily’s site. She has created a myriad of sites, including ones for reviews of web 2.0 technology, a personal blog, an art blog, and a flickr profile. Bang, that is where inspiration struck. I am so used to single sites like MySpace, where you have one huge page for all of your interests. Emily has taken that a step further establishing multiple sites where each one utilizes different aspects of the web and social dynamics. For example, her flickr account is just for her pictures and other pictophiles, and then on her artcodes blog she hosts individual photos that express some artistic interest.

It is this online portfolio or personal ecosystem that I like. In fact, what struck gold with me is the way that I can take previously personal and private interests and get them published. I can carve out my own home on the web, except instead of it being a homepage it is now a diverse ecosystem where my thoughts and interests can interact with millions of other folks worldwide.

Getting to those millions is the next step…maybe I will start with just bugging my girlfriend to visit them for now….

For those of you new to the web 2.0 world, these tools are easily available, mostly free, and easy to use. If you are interested here are some good ones: flickr, picasa, blogger, vox, 1& 1.

Enterprise 2.0 Conference – Boston

Well…here I am sitting in a grungy boston-style hostel, getting all excited for the Enterprise 2.0 conference. With sessions like the ones listed below, I have high hopes.

  • Social = me first
  • Collective Intelligence: Monkeys or Memes?
  • Social Project Management: Everything Big Is Small Again
  • Leveraging Your Community as a Competitive Weapon

With attendees like Andrew McAfee, Ross Mayfield, Don Tapscott it is sure setting up to be interesting. I hope to hear their innovative insights into the Enterprise 2.0 world. Some pertinent questions I hope to get answered:

  1. What exactly is Enterprise 2.0?
  2. What tools does it utilize?
  3. Which companies are leading this innovation?
  4. How much of this is open and transparent to the public (i.e. will the rest of us benefit from it)?
  5. Philosophical – what is this doing to the corporate structure?

Stay tuned and I will post the answers I get throughout the conference. As well as more blog posts about some of the conference’s interesting points.

Anyway, some other thoughts about the conference…I am worried that the conference planners will focus too much on introducing these tools to a fresh audience, rather than delving into some of the growth and middle to post maturity questions that arise when implementing Ent 2.0 tools. We’ll see…the track I am interested in attending Social Tools for the Enterprise.

Finally, let me send off with a mention to my new reading interest:

The book was recommended to me by a colleague, one of those “you need to read this right now” statements. You know where the conversation gets very serious and you take it like gospel. Well I picked it up and it is a compelling read so far. In fact, I can’t help but think that Web 2.0 is a natural progression to the singularity. I mean the information that is coming out of wikipedia, digg, delicious, the blogosphere is putting so much information and knowledge at our fingertips. The next logical step is to design software to cogitate it all.

So far that is what the book is about and especially how that software will eventually be able to “cogitate” it 100 times better than our brains can. Then the singularity has come and past and robots are officially here…Roy (the author) is predicting this to happen by 2050. I think Web 2.0 will make that date come sooner. A recommended read definitely.

Thanks for the read and happy wiki days to you.


Rhyme on a dime with some slime…

Was just reading Kevin Rose’s new blog and he gave out this cool site (rhymezone). It finds a rhyme for any word you type in. It is kinda fun to get some rhyming going…

On the eve, Steve’s air sleeve can weave through a mccleave with a cleave wrapped in a satin weave out in tel aviv

Maybe i dont have skills…anyway, here are the words that rhyme with my name:

Words and phrases that rhyme with steve: (83 results)

1 syllable:
biev, cleave, cleve, eave, eve, gleave, greave, greve, grieve, heave, kleve, leave, leve, meave, naeve, neave, neve, peeve, reave, reeve, scheve, shreeve, shreve, sleeve, stieve, vive, we’ve, weave, yves

2 syllables:
achieve, aggrieve, air sleeve, aleve, aviv, believe, bereave, conceive, deceive, frost heave, geneve, laneve, mccleave, naive, on leave, perceive, plain weave, qui vive, rajiv, receive, relieve, reprieve, retrieve, sanjiv, shore leave, sick leave, take leave, twill weave, vancleve, wind sleeve

3 syllables:
basket weave, christmas eve, disbelieve, dolman sleeve, interleave, interweave, maharive, misconceive, misperceive, new year’s eve, open weave, preconceive, record sleeve, satin weave, st john’s eve, tel-aviv, tel aviv

4 syllables:
midsummer eve, on the qui vive, taffeta weave, terminal leave

5 syllables:
absence without leave, compassionate leave, sabbatical leave

Robots…they scare me

So, I was thinking the other day about robots. I love robots. In fact, I have a robot friend. When you need your pencil sharpened s/he does it for you and then he has energy to walk (he does the robot…ha). That robot is cool. But then there are destructor robots. Ive seen them in movies and imagined them in my brain.

One day they will be here. I know the army already has remote controlled planes and such. Its only a matter of time before the destructors come. Those guys really scare me.

But until then robots are like monkeys, fun and friendly on the outside…but unpredictable and dangerous. So, instead of a monkey (ive never wanted one anyway) i want a robot.

“ fu%#ing dreamers” – Dane Cook