Rhyme on a dime with some slime…

Was just reading Kevin Rose’s new blog and he gave out this cool site (rhymezone). It finds a rhyme for any word you type in. It is kinda fun to get some rhyming going…

On the eve, Steve’s air sleeve can weave through a mccleave with a cleave wrapped in a satin weave out in tel aviv

Maybe i dont have skills…anyway, here are the words that rhyme with my name:

Words and phrases that rhyme with steve: (83 results)

1 syllable:
biev, cleave, cleve, eave, eve, gleave, greave, greve, grieve, heave, kleve, leave, leve, meave, naeve, neave, neve, peeve, reave, reeve, scheve, shreeve, shreve, sleeve, stieve, vive, we’ve, weave, yves

2 syllables:
achieve, aggrieve, air sleeve, aleve, aviv, believe, bereave, conceive, deceive, frost heave, geneve, laneve, mccleave, naive, on leave, perceive, plain weave, qui vive, rajiv, receive, relieve, reprieve, retrieve, sanjiv, shore leave, sick leave, take leave, twill weave, vancleve, wind sleeve

3 syllables:
basket weave, christmas eve, disbelieve, dolman sleeve, interleave, interweave, maharive, misconceive, misperceive, new year’s eve, open weave, preconceive, record sleeve, satin weave, st john’s eve, tel-aviv, tel aviv

4 syllables:
midsummer eve, on the qui vive, taffeta weave, terminal leave

5 syllables:
absence without leave, compassionate leave, sabbatical leave