My Top 10 Social Software RSS Feeds

In my previous post I suggested that we all share our RSS feeds. I figure that the best way to walk the walk is to make my own list. I took some time to sift through my feeds and find my top ten. These are the ones that I read the most and find the most interesting (they are not in rank order).

Or, you can view my Google Reader shared page of all the blogs I follow

Drumroll……and now here are my top 10 Social Software RSS Feeds:

1. Andrew McAfee subscribe

2. Anil Dash subscribe

3. Lifehacker subscribe

4. Strange Attractor subscribe

5. Collaborage subscribe

6. O’Reilly Radar subscribe

7. Portals and KM subscribe

8. Ross Mayfield subscribe

9. Sobleizer subscribe

10. Off the Top subscribe

Please, feel free to let me know about any of the feeds you find interesting.