Robots…they scare me

So, I was thinking the other day about robots. I love robots. In fact, I have a robot friend. When you need your pencil sharpened s/he does it for you and then he has energy to walk (he does the robot…ha). That robot is cool. But then there are destructor robots. Ive seen them in movies and imagined them in my brain.

One day they will be here. I know the army already has remote controlled planes and such. Its only a matter of time before the destructors come. Those guys really scare me.

But until then robots are like monkeys, fun and friendly on the outside…but unpredictable and dangerous. So, instead of a monkey (ive never wanted one anyway) i want a robot.

“ fu%#ing dreamers” – Dane Cook

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  1. Creepy – none the less there’s a book that i’ve been reading that has a topic in common with your post…Destroy All Monsters by Ken Hollings…let me know what you think!

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