I don’t like whaling, but this is really cool

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Thanks much to the if:book blog for linking this way cool, flash photo gallery OneNote Desktop Download. It is tons of photos from a journey to Alaska and back. It shows a whaling camp and some really serene photos. Loads pretty quick and has some amazingly dynamic ways of viewing the 1,000 or so photos acrobat reader 10 한글. Check it out:

The Whale Hunt 

Cake – Set List, Dec 10, 2007

Just got back from an awesome concert by Cake. They are the best band live I have ever seen. Here is the set list from the concert:

  • Frank SinatraView from the sound booth before the show
  • Sad songs and waltzes
  • Comfort eagle
  • Stickshift and safety belts
  • Shadow stabbing
  • Love you madly
  • Comanche
  • Friend is four letter word
  • Wheels
  • Guitar
  • Rock n roll lifestyle
  • Opera singerCake on stage
  • Never there

At this point the band left the stage…encore:

  • Short skirt long jacket
  • Pause for a tree giveaway (a blue spruce) Download the Cultural Gift Certificate. Was given to Rusty and he had to promise to plant it and take a picture of him and it for the cake website.
  • Kenny rogers cover – ruby, don’t take your love to town
  • Black sabbath cover – war pigs

What a great show 하늘 도마뱀 만세력 다운로드!

P.S. There was a cool intermission band to called, King City, they rocked the joint before Cake came on Metroid Fusion.

TV Commercials are Spam

Do you know what commercial spam is?

No guessing needed, this term is pretty simple. It is the 30+ commercials you get for every 30 minutes of tv viewed 원리퍼블릭 다운로드. Of course, those 30 commercials are not new and unique they are the same ones, over and over again. If you watch an hour of tv then it is doubled.

Next, throw in the commercials that are local and usually lower quality equals. Add-in the unspoken agreement to run commercials all at the same time, so you can’t avoid them. Finally, to top it off, the increased volume of the commercials (sorry, doesn’t relate to spamming, but it still annoys!) Yuwei Download.

To me that rings of the word spam, but let’s do some research to determine this:

Yep, it fits. A few exceptions could be made because it is not sent through email and somebody could argue that commercials are solicited.But, really, tv sends out commercial spam 교통사고 형사합의서 양식 다운로드.

I wanna work at Cyber Command

Listening to the Buzz out Loud podcast I heard a news snippet about the newest Air Force command called Cyber Command Download Cass2. This thing has been in the works for a while but is now official after the ceremony on Nov 2, 2007:

“During a media conference here…Secretary of the Air Force Michael W Itus Ingang. Wynne said the 8th Air Force would become the new Air Force Cyberspace Command. “ [1]

The new command will be made up of “appropriate” folks from across the Air Force (read:brush up your web skills and resumes).  Thy also announced plans to develop educational plans for cyber work, which I would love to see 주석성경 다운로드. And, it looks like the location of the command is still up in the air, with Barksdale, AZ and Shreveport, LA competing for the big bucks.

I also took a look at the speech made by Security Wynne on that day, here are some interesting points:

  • I want to discuss with you today a subject I regard as extremely critical: the Freedom of Cyberspace.”
  • This one kinda made me laugh, citing another official: “attempts of hackers, “Cyber-vigilantes”, terrorists, and even hostile nation-states to degrade our Fighting Networks” (on the internet?)
  • “The Mission of the Air Force is to … fly and fight in Air, Space and Cyberspace”
  • “Persistent, lethal, overwhelming Air, Space and Cyberspace power massed and brought to bear anywhere, anytime.” (whoa, scary!)
  • The capital cost of entry into the Cyberspace Domain is low”
  • the “Information Mosaic” — the whole data net, analog and digital; pixels and composites images; from all sensors that can be collected and downloaded and crossloaded for use by all in the Fight.”

There is much more but I dont have time to read and summarize the whole speech 신신명조 다운로드. I would recommend reading it as it is very interesting and contains a pretty cool video and some serious discussions about fighting the cyber threat 차량번호인식 프로그램 다운로드.

P.S. And, yes I would want to work at this place…if it is built right.

Interview with Jimmy Wales, from the Giga Om Show

더페이버릿 다운로드

A shameless reposting 🙂

“Wales believes simplicity is key to building an intuitive social network website. Which is why sites like Wikipedia and Facebook work so well in the social community LipFrog. With a recent Wikia-Facebook like screenshot making its way through the web, will Wikia become like Facebook? No. Wales explains that they are working on an open source free license search engine that could launch in December.”

Watch the Video from the Giga Om Show

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One Laptop Per Child: news, wiki, and “first day” donors

autocad 2012 64 bit

“I want to thank you people because you had given us the laptop and I love it so much.” – note from a child in third world


It is an exciting time right now for the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program kt스마트신청서 다운로드. The momentum is beginning to reappear and personally I feel excited to be a part of this. For those of you keeping tabs on this, new to the program, or just looking to learn I have culled together some great new pieces 주님 mp3 다운로드. Continue reading One Laptop Per Child: news, wiki, and “first day” donors

Gwangmyeong-in mp3 Registax

Citibank…where you at?

Citibank is one of the largest, most well respected banks in the world. All across the internet, experts would recommend their services 비행기 다운로드. They have plenty of great offers, the most atm locations of any major bank, and online banking. Too bad, they couldn’t figure out the internet…

Let me air some dirty laundry Shinma New Year's Machine. Specifically, three very annoying features (one kinda humorous one) that have turned me off to Citibank.

CitibankFirst, Citibank, why do you send me a letter, every month in snail-mail to notify me that my paperless bill is ready bioedit. So, lets get this straight. I sign-up for paperless statements and then you send me a paper statement to let me know I have a paperless statement. They do this every month, I am not kidding osx movies. I get this letter every month, I even took a picture of it (on right). Here is the wording in the letter: “This notification is part of the All-Electronic Program you enrolled in to receive your statements online only instead of in the mail” MarlangE Batting Practice.

(laughing now)

So, as part of my “all-Electronic” statements that are “online only” they still send me a letter 문방구 이력서 다운로드. Stupid, Citibank mean what you say!

Second issue with Citibank, their site stinks. No other way to put it. I mean, on the positive side, it does most of what I need it to do sybase odbc driver. Beyond that it is horrible. No clear organization of where the necessary tools are. Intuitiveness, readability, and sophistication are just completely thrown out of the window 정거장 다운로드. Seriously, the entire thing looks like a crappy piece of white paper. I am not kidding, it even has this old school ledger for your statement that is all black & white visio 2010 trial. It looks like something that elementary school students would use to do online banking. Citibank is that what you think your customers are, 7 years old Thump download?

Third and final issue. They are considered one of the best online banks and they stink! Yes, their are some nice services, like a cash incentive for signing up and a good savings rate. Great, so how hard is it to get online banking right? Is it possible that the cash incentive comes from the fact that they have no staff for the website, only a pet monkey throwing html on a page? I have been doing online banking for almost a decade now and this is sad. I feel like I am regressing. The best banking site I ever had was with a small credit union in California. I hope that Citibank, and the many other guilty parties (you know who you are!), start investing a little time and money in site design, usability, and improving their online services. Seriously, the web is the future of your business and how are handling your future?

Another frustrated customer, with a paperless, paper statement, who will be switching banks soon. E-trade I hope you pass the test…

Autumn Depression

So here I am sitting inside, its cold and rainy outside. There are fires blazing all over my hometown (1) 아임쇼핑 다운로드. The condo is quiet and the puppy is happy.

I am having flashbacks to Edward Norton in fight club, you know the scene where he has the perfect little apartment but he hates it Java image file. That’s how I feel. The normal life seems to be getting to me. I need a vacation, or rather, I need a life change. It feels like life is just becoming a blur of work, school, and fun Download the Adams Family. How could that be bad?

I love my job, I like my school, I have great friends, a good family, and I even have a new love interest. She is so great Download Android q. Karen you have provided me with feelings and comfort that I have never felt before Lotte Home Shopping. Still….

Nothing seems to help. I tried all of the old tricks: something warm, something sweet, something wet, something cute, writings, poems, puppies, movies, sleep, laughter Firebug. Normally, one or two of those and I am good to go. This one is different though. It’s not like the others in that I don’t normally feel this lost 또 다시 사랑 다운로드. I actually enjoy my depressions, they are a recalibration, a slow down, and a casual refresh on life.

Weird thing is though…I am enjoying this one too 무한대를 본 남자 다운로드. It just feels lower or stronger or strongly different than most. I am resisting the urge to “figure it out” though. I have found that there is nothing worse I can do to myself than force a resolution 캐드 폰트 다운로드. My body and soul are pushing something out here and I want to be in touch with it. The natural course is best.

Well, thanks blog you are my memory, my thoughts, my life 5 of Hotel Deluna. It feels good to write to you. Here is one more for the ghost in the machine.