The Government is pulling a fast one?

Now I know not everyone shares my “openness”, but why not? A recent press release by the bush administration, shows the benefits of transparency. I first learned about this through Dan Carlin’s podcast about the subject. Basically, the administration signed an executive order outlining how it would operate during an emergency. So, Dan and a few small papers flipped out about this. Saying that it completely overrides constitutional authority, congress, and the sanctity of this country. So, my political undies all in a bunch, I had to check it out for myself.

The order started out okay only to end in ruin, by a few simple words. Basically, the order outlines how the executive branch will act (our army, airways, civil services, etc.) in the case of an emergency. It also states that it will “advise” our state and local governments on how to act as well. Great leadership, right…so here is the catch.

A few words (most likely intentional) state that in an emergency the president proclaims a new title upon himself, National Continuity Coordinator, and he can not only advise but tell the entire federal government how to act. What could cause el presidente to want to annoint himself a dictator in case of an emergency? Even worse, the definition of an emergency is ambiguous and the coordinator gets to decide what an emergency is. Ok, yeah, like I said, totally ruins in.

All revolt and disbelief aside. This makes me think that transparency for our government and its leaders is a good thing. It would be nice to lark down all those dark holes and see what is hiding, besides tons of money in a freezer. Who doesn’t store bribes in their freezer?

But, lets not pin this all on the Executive Branch. All branches, Congress and the Supreme Court should lay bare what they do. Imagine what they can get away with then? We could weed out corruption and greed from the comfort of our own homes.

I would love to do that.

Alas, dreams and a tiny blog are all I have. Still at least I am publishing my disgust for this order, the lack of openness in our government, and making a statement for transparency in the government.