Transparency: how far down the rabbit hole will you go?

Transparency is a scary thing for some people. Not for me, over a decade ago I decided that everything in my life should be transparent. Rather, I should be able to tell my parents about everything I do. Well, now that has matured into telling the police and feds about everything I do (whycome? i is a grown up 🙂

What about the rest of the country? Do you all share my same free-spirited confidence and naive trust. My guess is not. But, wait a minute, what about this younger generation that posts intricate details of their lives on myspace, blogs, and other sites. What are they going to think…

Are we breeding a new generation that is going to expect transparency. Ooh, does that mean I am a leader of the new generation since I am way ahead of the pack, ha!

Ok, then what about having GPS, RFID, and cameras everywhere so that people know where we are at all times and even know when we are running a red light…Would this new generation be open to that. I’m pretty sure they would. In fact, I think they are going to expect it and when they find out that it isn’t that way, they are going to make it happen. And, guess what, they aren’t going to make it happen by running for an election, asking their local congressman, or whatever people do. They are just going to do it, let the old gaurd be dammed. Seriously, though, how many of the old guard even know what google earth mash-ups are?

Me, I know that I am loving this new wave of transparency. Business are doing it, friends are doing it, and so are the feds (albiet slowly). In the meantime, I am going to tell the whole world, about what I am doing and what I think. So, check out my twitter account, find me on facebook, check out my favorites on delicious and digg, and finally try and find me in google.