Poems when i cry and im alone

I feel odd
my fingers shake
my heart quakes
i want to be warm but im cold
softness annoys me
fur delights me

fur is so tender
and sweet
i want to have a coat of fur
something that warms my soul
i want to run and be free
but i cant
im cold

her hair
her chin
my face
so cold

i want a blanket
that wraps my soul in her
i want her warmth
i want her soul

sometimes i wonder
where i can go
what i can do
how i can feel
i dont know
i just feel odd


somewhere i go
to a place that no one knows
its cold and sad
and im all alone

i cry and weep
but it never stops
im still there
im still here

i dont care anymore
nothing hurts
nothing feels

my tender heart
feels crished
by tears


where does this sadness come from
i want an old man to tell me
i want the world to turn
i want peace on my brain

one tear, strokes my cheek
begetting more
and more
i dont know why i cry

i just know im alone
im here, im writing
im feeling
so deep


things i remember
before i forget

walking so fast
like a cheetah in the wind
water bottle, hat, an agitated mind
i remember
before i forget

i told you i love u
i grabbed ur hand
i wanted your heart
i seek
i romance
i need to remember
before i forget

we went for drinks
i remember our drinks
i cry
i never saw ur love
im lost


where must i go
what must i do
how far must i go
to be with u

ur smell i touch
ur lips i taste
ur heart i melt
i dont know

their is fear
their is darkness
their is hope
their is…i dont know

the salt touches my lips
it enrages my soul
i dont want to feel this
i want to be free
i dont ever want to feel
but i do
i miss u


just a single tear
why do you haunt me

is it for love?
is it for want?
is it for hope and desire and sex and touch
please no more tears

i miss, i cry, i feel, and i dont want to
i just want u
i just need u

i must
i don
i cant
i wont

but i do


where am i
im alone
im sad

im not fuzzy
im not simple
im not loved
but i am

i fear this love
it touches me
it scares me
but i just dont know

i make no sense
but sense it not to be made
of love and tears

i only want u
i only need u


a vision to quell these tears
ur blonde a rest on my leg
looking up at me

ur dancing, ur smiling, ur dress
ur voice
so much so little
i have none

alas tears leave me
haunt another man
take my sadness
take it to my soul
and ask

where is this heart
where must it go
why do i feel


when i think
about how i acted
and how i felt
i seem so silly

i was crusading
i was against the world
i needed something
it was all about me

then there was you
i opened my eyes
and i saw
i wanted you
i knew you

you’re heart beats with mine
you’re mind thinks with mine
your body touches mine

im still so scared
im still so wrapped in myself
but i hope
i believe i can love u
i believe
im so silly


how do i know i can love u
i dont
i dont need to know anything
i just feel
i just know

i shed tears and i obsess
i feel it in me
i let the passion
wash over my sanity

there is nothing left of me
just feeling
and knowing
that i must have u

i must touch u
i must enwrap you in my arms
but more than must
i need

a need that feels
a need that desires
i feel i know i need


i dont want to write
i want to cry
i want

your beautiful
ur sunshine
ur my heart