Revenge of the Nerds

Its Halloween! Yes.

Revenge of the Nerds

I <3 Halloween.

Of course, I waited until the last week to figure out my costume. But, many intertronic hours later I found my niche. I am a nerd and so I want to dress up like one. Revenge of the nerds style…remember these guys?

Louis Skolnick, Gilbert, Booger, & Poindexter, Harold, Lamar, Toshiro. They are Rad!

I am going to rock some nerd outfit. I am thinking a skinny black emo suit with a bow tie, large dorky glasses, suspenders, and some rad hair-doo.

What do you all think? Anyone wanna be a wingman Gilbert, Booger, or Poindexter?

I know that the lady friend is going to be a Bumble-Bee and my brother’s friend is going to be Burt Reynolds…haha

What you gonna be?

Nerd Dancing

the cutest nerd row

One reply on “Revenge of the Nerds”

  1. The ideas that didn’t make it…saved for next year:

    80s rock star
    will ferrel?
    dom deloiuse
    teen wolf
    mr t from A team
    nerd from revenge of the nerds
    rip taylor
    pedro from napoleon dynamite
    bob saget
    patrick duffy
    elton john
    don king
    kim jong il
    terrorist with a bomb taped to his chest
    ron burgundy
    george clooney
    brad pitt
    frank sinatra
    robert goulet

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