MLB.TV saved my life

Rather…just saved my seaason and summer…

Anyway, spring is here and ahhhhh….yes! Baseball is back and I’m ready to go. Actually, it didn’t start that way. A few weeks ago I was lamenting t hat fact that “the man” prevents me from watching any west coast ball game (i live on the east coast). That was until a different “man” — my dad — offered up a solution.

He suffers from the opposite problem. He is a huge yankee’s fan but he pimps hoes in california. So, he offered up for both of us. Frickety-fast forward we are out 90 bucks and enjoying some slow-moving, crotch scratchers wack balls!

Oh man/woman do i love it. I have watched all sorts of games (currently the cards are getting murdered by the pirates). The Los Angeles Angels are rockin on my TV (see future post: hooking up your computer to your tv). Scioscia is getting primmed and primed for another run at the series. Me-thinks we gotta chance this year. If not, we will make sure to beat the yank’s all year long!

Oh yeah, get this, with we have the option to upgrade to something unbelievable. We can upgrade to tv quality picture with 6 games at once and the option to get an alert when your favorite batter is up. It’s a must for any fan who dreams about Peter Gammons and sunflower seeds.