Raging into the Future

this started as a update to my resume, but quickly descended into writers fever:

My Own Personal Mission Statement
Back to Basics

With the goal of finding oneself I seek to expand beyond my thoughts. As if the walls surrounding me could provide safety and contentment, which they do. Money, security, and expertise are all that some dream of in their career. To me they are at once dreamy and stifling. I hunger for challenge and novelty. For the advancement of life through major changes and big events.

In my current state I have a great job with a great career in a great field. I am making a difference on a national and sometimes world stage. I have a retirement plan that pays me 20% of my salary. I have a large salary. I have a sense of job security and growth through modern innovative programs.

At a time in my life when I had no career, no money, and desperately sought direction. Washington DC provided me with that. It gave me something more to. Comfort in myself. Time to be. A chance to enjoy the benefits of a charmed life. I have enjoyed my charmed life, but at the same time realized that it’s not for me.

I need the charm but also realize that it is something I can easily attain. No more do I feel the insecurity of worth or achievement. Instead I feel the drive and need to explore myself and how I fit in the world around me. I feel a chance before me to go beyond the simply great. I feel a chance to explore the depths of genius and brilliance. And in the words of the composer Lukas Foss “I want to go all the way”.

Life changes.
Hearts grow.
Minds crave.
Growth and change comes with every passing moment and as I recognize my moment I feel the intense desire to burst forward into the future.