Google is taking over my life!

It is time for me to admit it, Google is taking over my life. I am completely addicted. I think I have become a Google Man.

I love Google products. There, I said it. I know I am not alone too. There are millions just like me out there, including several in my office at work. There are even Google Girls. We are all hopelessly in love with our Google. Just to show you that I am serious, here is a list of the Google products I use everyday, there are 23 of them:

  • Gmail, igoogle, picasa, calendar, groups, docs, spreadsheets, reader, financials, gmail chat, adsense, analytics, video, blogger, text search, image search, book search, scholar search, document search, web history, igoogle skins, google maps, and google earth.

There are plenty more that I casually run across. I don’t stop there though. Next, I go about trying to convince anyone I know to use Google products. I have invited everyone I know to gmail, sent screenshots of my igoogle, and walked countless newbs through the set-up process for these tools. Watch out, if you cross my path I may try to convert you to.

I am an unwitting Google Man. I didn’t ask for this. I just wanted to become more efficient and use better tools. That was my downfall. Now, I am an unpaid Google representative. Pierre and Sergy you sick demons.

The only comfort I have is knowing that I am not alone. Google Boys and Girls I know you are out there. I talk to you every day in gmail chat!

Oh well, I better go upload my Gmail photo from the google picasa web album.

If you are wondering what the hell I am talking about, maybe should:

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  1. I completely agree. I have been moving away from adsense recently. There are a lot of really good looking options available

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