Dreaming of Gadgets…

I love toys and gadgets and every once in a while I like to get my wishlist down on paper. So, all this week I went about writing down my top 10. I’m sorry I can’t help it…I love these kind of lists.

I also sent out the bat signal in my social network to see what everyone else wanted. Here you go:

My Top 10 most wanted

10. MacBook – who doesn’t want one?, chances of getting: did i win the lotto yet?

9. Vespa – vrrm, vrooom, saucy italiano coming through, chances of getting: same as me getting emo pants (none)

8. Smart Car – convertible (passion cabrio) — chances of getting: none, but easily fits in my future mansion

7. HD-DVD/blue ray – i want one bad!, chances of getting: confirmed, most likely by xmas

6. Mini Cooper — my next car purchase, uk flag or just abig red x?, chances of getting: slim, just paid off my acura

5. 300 — 2 disc special edition, chance of getting: imminent

4. slingbox – slingcatcher soon to be released, chances of getting: imminent, upon release

3. Smashing Pumpkins – Zeitgeist, Spoon – Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga – music i need from the virgin festival, chances of getting: within the week

2. iPhone/Nokia N95 — 499-599, chances of me buying: slim to none (until Jan, when my verizon contract is up)

1. XBoxbox360/PS3/wii – just give me one, anyone, idc, chances of getting: number one on my xmas list!

Friends, most wanted…

PostModernshe: iPhone

Immunity: a professional digital video recorder, HVX200

Mcpaige: someday = (Type R + turbo + SH-AWD); if somday =< 30 K; i = want; else 🙁 Mugen won’t cut it; http://tweetl.com/0ra?civic

FantomPlanet: A “death knob” for my steering wheel. http://tinyurl.com/2xqcew

Bill Ives: time to use my paint brush

ProudPapa: A robot to do all my chores.

Ckras: the semantic web

ScienceVixen: Segway

Thomas Vander Wal – a killer unlocked mobile device that works globally using latest technologies

Colleague at work: a cochlear implant that improves perfect hearing and provides data

Dad: webcam

Mom: iphone, LCD TV

Mike: time to sail

Please, leave your most wanted in toy/gadget in the comments.

2 replies on “Dreaming of Gadgets…”

  1. Slingbox may be the best invention ever. I use it on my Q every day and love it when I am traveling abroad.

    Do you have a preference between HD-DVD or Blu Ray? Personally I think I might just stick to aiming for an upscaling DVD player for now and wait out the war.

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