Cake – Set List, Dec 10, 2007

Just got back from an awesome concert by Cake. They are the best band live I have ever seen. Here is the set list from the concert:

  • Frank SinatraView from the sound booth before the show
  • Sad songs and waltzes
  • Comfort eagle
  • Stickshift and safety belts
  • Shadow stabbing
  • Love you madly
  • Comanche
  • Friend is four letter word
  • Wheels
  • Guitar
  • Rock n roll lifestyle
  • Opera singerCake on stage
  • Never there

At this point the band left the stage…encore:

  • Short skirt long jacket
  • Pause for a tree giveaway (a blue spruce). Was given to Rusty and he had to promise to plant it and take a picture of him and it for the cake website.
  • Kenny rogers cover – ruby, don’t take your love to town
  • Black sabbath cover – war pigs

What a great show!

P.S. There was a cool intermission band to called, King City, they rocked the joint before Cake came on.

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  1. Thanks for the set list. I could remember most but not all.
    I certainly agree that King City was a real treat for the ears.

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