Give me your deepest darkest movie thoughts!!

Hey Everyone – I finally talked myself back into netflix. They still don’t offer support for mac’s on instant viewing, but I miss my movies. I am definitely a hollywood fan. I need some quality content and good stories.

So, now that I am back into the flix of the net, I need some friendses. I never really tested out the community features on netflix, but now that I have a wonderful world of twitter friends I can do so. Let’s sink up the worlds and maybe I can get into your deepest darkest movie desires.

Here is the link netflix gave me to make friends: be my netflix friend

Lemme know if it doesn’t work and have you seen/heard/tested the roku??


3 replies on “Give me your deepest darkest movie thoughts!!”

  1. hmm… Not a Netflicks user, never have been. I get the everything DISH package and DVR everything till I get around to watching it (even added an external drive for overflow). Sorry 😐

  2. You could always do what I did and rent Season 1 – 3 of Lost. Granted you’ll get hooked on the show which could be a good or bad.

  3. Just announced at E3 that Netflix and Xbox (live) have partnered. Not sure of the details but thought you might find that interesting.

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