Sharing the Angry Letter I sent to Comcast

Ya, I’m gonna stay away from serious ranting. Just simply going to say that Comcast pisses me off. Here is the email letter I sent to their customer service via prompting by frank at comcastcares:

Dear Sir/Madam - I recently began getting service from your company (Feb
08). At the time I was told I would be receiving 88$ worth of service
through some combined (complicated) package for cable and internet. Since
then my bill has been over 100 each time. The last two bills were 170.81 and
114.03$. I remember the bill before that being ~112.00 as well.

This is extremely frustrating and annoying. Personally, I am fed-up with the
service and will gladly cancel. Fortunately for comcast, my roommate likes
both enough to keep them, but I am working on him to free ourselves of this

Am I to understand that 22$ + is the norm for taxes on this product? I can't
imagine voluntarily subscribing to a service where taxes/surcharges account
for 25% of the charge.

I was hoping that you could explain to me these over-charges, or false
statements about my original subscription price statements?

But, even more so I would like to figure out how I can become happy with
your service. Which doesn't involve "sir you are paying over 100$ for these
reasons". It involves here are your options, how much it will (really) cost,
and a guarantee of those services/price.

P.S. The comcast site does not show old statements and is generally limited
in functionality. I guess I should just be happy that my internet provider
even has a website...

Suffice to say that I am not expecting much. I long ago learned that these companies are parasitic and really never make me satisfied. In fact, the only time I ever felt good about a cable company was last week when comcastcares actually expressed interest in helping.

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  1. When you start your service you start within a billing cycle. Your bill is pro-rated… So if your billing cycle is the 7th of each month and your service is installed on the 8th of March, your first bill of service charges covers March 8th through May 7th. Comcast always bills one month in advance. Also, you may have some connection fees that you were charged on this first bill. Once you understand their prorated billing (many companies do this) and pay such, along with those one time connection fees then your next bills should be as stated. Though if you have digital cable and someone is ordering movies and stuff then that’s a different story and sorry the box doesn’t order movies itself, especially 10s of porno flicks. Haven’t those people heard of the Internet it’s all over it and free?

    Well again I used to work at Comcast and stumbled upon your blog via the party you were at tonight. Wish I could have been there too!


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