advice from the best product managers

Here is a blog from medium worth sharing:

50 Articles and Books that will Make you a Great Product Manager

It’s an awesome list and I’ve read many of them. But still have many to go.

Here are my favorites:

  • Good Product Manager, Bad Product Manager, written in 1996 by Ben Horowitz when he was one of the first product managers for the legendary Netscape browser.
  • Do things that don’t scale, written by Paul Graham of Y Combinator, as a counter-intuitive point on the “scale, scale, scale” mantra in startups. He argues that finding a market fit for your product comes before scaling your product.
  • How to work with designers and engineers, written by Julie Zhuo of Facebook, basic/simple advice for working with my favorite people. Know what they love and hate, what makes them happy and what motivates (or demotivates them).

The full list