Obama CIO – Vivek Kundra – LiveBlog

“Couple of things we want to do to embark on a technology revolution in America”

That’s his opening line as he launches into a comparison of previous revolutions. The industrial and agricultural. Each one allowed us to move faster, shrink the world, and increase our efficiencies.

“A lot of people say the federal government can’t lead, I reject that idea”

Another solid speech as Vivek, a notorious short speech giver, builds up. Hands down he’ll be done in 30mins…

Transparency changes the definition of a citizen. We the people, can participate and should, he references the executive transparency memo and recovery.org. To accomplish he defines his core principles:

1. Transparent platform, use this as the foundation for making this happen. He references the human genome project and satelites for GPS

2. Participatory. Opening up each agency to the public for participation.

3. Lowering costs of government operations. Why does it cost goverment more and why can’t government use modern tools?

Answers are cloud computing and opening up consumer technology.

He then moves on to fundamentals like targeted initiatives, not just tech for tech sake. Focusing on outcomes not proccesses. Developing an ecosystem of participation with citizens and buy in across the agencies.

QA: How do we send you good ideas?

Kundra: I plan to have sat or sun round table sessions. Anyone can attend and I’ll soon pass out my email for direct contact.

“Its going to be tough, it’s not going to be easy, and it’s not going to happen overnight.”

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  1. Andy Carvin’s live tweets from the same talk (start on the bottom and read up):

    1. – Kundra: plans to have weekend roundtables where people can come and brainstorm with him. #fose

      – Kundra: we’ve focused too much on processes instead of outcomes. #fose

      – Kundra: we’re asking the American people to help move govt forward. #fose

      – Kundra: we want to be able to tap into the engenuity of the
      American people. #fose

      – Kundra: fed employees are some of the smartest people I’ve met, but over time some are taught not to take risks. #fose

      – Kundra: this won’t happen overnight. there are over 4 mil
      federal employees and 10,000 IT systems. #fose

      – Kundra: If it takes 2-3 yrs to go thru precurement of tech,
      we end up buying obsolete tech. #fose

      – Kundra: “What makes the govt so special that it can’t embrace consumer technologies.” #moneyquote #fose

      – Kundra: at the agency level we’ll roll out ways for people to
      engage the operations of govt #fose

      – Kundra: change the engagement model so people have access and can help co-create a more perfect union. #fose

      – Kundra: we’ll publish govt data with the default assumption
      that info should be allowed to the people, in public domain. #fose

      – Kundra: transparency allows citizens to participate in the
      public civic process. #fose

      – Kundra: transparency, open govt is going to be a key agenda item of this administration. #fose

      – Kundra: from a tech perspective we need to embrace a diff
      self image of the fed govt. That we can be leaders, innovative #fose

      – Kundra: everywhere I look, people say the govt can’t lead
      like the private sector. I reject that idea. Look at DARPA and genome proj. #fose

      – Kundra: Industrial era made the world a little smaller. #fose

      – kundra: In the agri era, people stayed within 25 miles of
      birthplace because jobs and means of production were local. #fose

      – US CIO appointee Vivek Kundra is. #fose

      – At #FOSE. Former FBI dir Louis Freeh is talking cyber
      security. Vivek Kundra should be up in 30-40 mins.

  2. Mark Drapeau’s live tweets from the same talk (start on the bottom and read up):

    1. – With @mixtmedia @1p @acarvin @robotchampion post-Kundra
      speech at #FOSE
      – I worked with Vivek Kundra a little. Great person. He
      also gives a terrific speech. Hope that his principles stick in
      reality too! #FOSE
      – Kundra: Share your ideas with me. I’m going to have
      contact info and weekend open roundtable sessions (!) #fose
      – Kundra: I’m working on the future of IT security with
      Melissa Hathway, cyber chief for the White House. #FOSE
      – Kundra: We focus too much on processes, and not enough
      on outcomes, esp with IT. How do we rationalize that? #FOSE
      – Kundra: We need to find the innovative path, and tap
      into the collective of the American people. #FOSE
      – Kundra: Some of the smartest people I’ve ever met are
      fed employees. But they’ve been constrained and taught to take no
      risks #FOSE.
      – Kundra: We need to increase the velocity of procurement
      USG cant buy obselete technology. #FOSE
      – Kundra: We’ve created a body under the fed cio council
      to look at cloud computing #fose
      – Kundra: finally another core principle will be lowering
      the cost of govt operations. Embrace consumer tech. #fose
      – Kundra: another core principle will be ambitiously
      engaging people, citizens. #fose
      – KUNDRA: We’re going to be publishing government data.
      The people’s data. #fose
      – Kundra: invokes DARPA/NSF and communications and NIH and
      genomes/personalized med as examples of fed govt leading w/ tech
      – Kundra: “embrace a different self image of the federal
      govt…we can be thought leaders when it comes to innovation” #fose
      – Vivek Kundra is speaking about “evolution of tech at a
      macro level” at @fose2009 #fose

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