Ive lost all control of my sanity and connected with something primal

i feel speed and i want to go fast. I have this need and desire and its fast
I dont know where its going but i want to go there.

Why cant i tell where its going
i want to smoke and drink and carouse
maybe its sexual desire
i hope it is

i know it is
its this unbridled passion i keep thinking about
i want it
i need it

sex, love, desire
these are my words
i take you

where will we go
what will stop this shaking
questions damn you

i want answers
i want passion

all around is life
all around is me
i feel
i need
some passion


writing is an expression of the mind
when the mind is lost for words

i am a man of words
i can twist and turn words into situations
then the situation becomes mine



i feel alive when the wind blows
the sun shines
and my heart beats

every moment is mine
i dont cherish the moments
nor do i relish

i live in them because i am alive


money sex power
are on my mind
floating across the divide
between passion and consciousness

i cannot control them
i need them
they are mine

but they are just concepts
just desires
desires that simple men can achieve

love lust passion
are elusive to me
i want them in me
like a fire that burns

they are not concepts
they are feelings
i want them
simple men cannot achieve them


writing writing writing
more words
to quench my soul

i type and type
i i even say out loud each word i type

they come from within
mindless beings they are

they flitter about my brain
they nag me until i release them

words words
i turn you into words


i sigh a deep sigh
the cold wind touches my skin
deeper and deeper i go

until the passion is calm
calmness is my only peace
my only moment to feel connected
to the rest of the thinking world

but thoughts are elusive and i dont like them
i want dreams and passion
its a cycle
that i cannot touch

only the words i write can connect
the only place where the peace and thinking
unite in me
until i have my peace
i so desire the peace



i feel these all at once driving through my body
channeling through my blood
igniting me and inspiring me
i just may burn and crash
but only once all of them are achieved


somewhere out there is a cool
beautiful feeling
that touches my soul
ignites my spirit

she is constant
a floating mirage of desire
that consumes me until i touch her

but there is no way to quench
no desire to quench
only an everlasting desire to connect
and feel
and touch

she is my center
and my love
somewhere out there
she is alive and breathing