Youtube Playlists!

How do you use youtube?

Do you occasionally visit it for a funny video a friend told you about, do you watch from other sites, or maybe get them sent to you. I know of many people, myself included, now use it for music and music videos. Finally, maybe you don’t use it at all…

I find myself using it a lot more lately. I love being able to find any song and listen to it, with the added benefit of it being a music video. In fact, some of the videos are user generated and some are the professionally made version from the artist. Either way I get cool content.

Well, the next logical step for me was a playlist. I want to listen to all of this artists music, or maybe more music like this (pandora anyone). So, I did a little browsing around and found that they have user created playlists.

So, please don’t laugh, maybe this has been around for a while, but everytime I find something new like this I get excited. It’s like a new toy. Who knew! Part of the fun on the internet is serendipitous discovery.

To use the playlists you need to first navigate to a video you like. From there you should look to the right of the video, where the “more” videos are. There will be a link to playlists, on top of the related video list. Unfortunately, the youtube developers have not made this feature very prominent and you can’t find a link to popular playlists off the main page.

So, like I said before they are user created, self selected, and varying quality. Who cares though right! Choose a good list and go through some content. I used it to listen to a playlist for the soundtrack to the movie 300. I am thinking about buying it, but I wanted to hear it first. The playlists saved me the time of having to click through each song. I love it!

3 replies on “Youtube Playlists!”

  1. Oh yeah, playlists are a huge help and I use the user created ones quite often. I think it is a little more personal to listen to suggestions from someone you respect rather than a computer generated suggestion.

  2. You ever check out those apps….like TubeSock or iTube … a while back I heard alot about these to download the vids to iPods, but I think there are ones work with iTunes to make video playlist more easy than YouTubes webpage interface….

  3. MCP – haven’t had a chance to look at those. I’ll have to take a look.

    Generally I view my stuff on a laptop. I downloaded a program called Miro which aggregates video rss feeds into a media player. Methinks it may be the new platform for watching tv. Still playing with it.

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