I wanna work at Cyber Command

Listening to the Buzz out Loud podcast I heard a news snippet about the newest Air Force command called Cyber Command. This thing has been in the works for a while but is now official after the ceremony on Nov 2, 2007:

“During a media conference here…Secretary of the Air Force Michael W. Wynne said the 8th Air Force would become the new Air Force Cyberspace Command. “ [1]

The new command will be made up of “appropriate” folks from across the Air Force (read:brush up your web skills and resumes).  Thy also announced plans to develop educational plans for cyber work, which I would love to see. And, it looks like the location of the command is still up in the air, with Barksdale, AZ and Shreveport, LA competing for the big bucks.

I also took a look at the speech made by Security Wynne on that day, here are some interesting points:

  • I want to discuss with you today a subject I regard as extremely critical: the Freedom of Cyberspace.”
  • This one kinda made me laugh, citing another official: “attempts of hackers, “Cyber-vigilantes”, terrorists, and even hostile nation-states to degrade our Fighting Networks” (on the internet?)
  • “The Mission of the Air Force is to … fly and fight in Air, Space and Cyberspace”
  • “Persistent, lethal, overwhelming Air, Space and Cyberspace power massed and brought to bear anywhere, anytime.” (whoa, scary!)
  • The capital cost of entry into the Cyberspace Domain is low”
  • the “Information Mosaic” — the whole data net, analog and digital; pixels and composites images; from all sensors that can be collected and downloaded and crossloaded for use by all in the Fight.”

There is much more but I dont have time to read and summarize the whole speech. I would recommend reading it as it is very interesting and contains a pretty cool video and some serious discussions about fighting the cyber threat.

P.S. And, yes I would want to work at this place…if it is built right.

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