Documentation 2.0 – or how to fire your employees

A colleague and I recently had a chance to visit an amazing government office.

Among the many things we were shown, which included an office of the future, prediction markets, and collaborative strategy rooms, we were shown a simple little tool for documentation 모멘트 캠 다운로드. Documentation is important in the government because employees are only let go for proper reasons. Most companies provide this documentation when they fire you to avoid lawsuits and the like each game. Governments require even more documentation, which is often so hard to acquire that many bad employees skip by for years.

How to solve this?

RSS Documentation Download 4 times at Yoon Restaurant. Put the data flowing out of our work into a personal file for each employee. Review that file during performance reviews. Whammo, you have an auto-documentation system for firing (and promoting) people Download canon variationmp3.

The key here is that our work needs to be in programs that have RSS feeds. Some of the newer technology has this (like this blog) but many of our old programs don’t fifa 13 apk 다운로드. There does seem to be a trend to move our daily business work into programs that can have RSS feeds.

Once you have these feeds that represent actions taken by employees NetFramework 4.6 Download. You will need a program that parses the data to recognize the name of the employee. It will then go into their file. If you want to get crazy you could also parse it by project, roles, or duties 네오다이어리 다운로드. Then you would have a running record of the actions taken for each project.


Ya, I know, the system can be gamed. Anything can. I really don’t know how to solve that problem Windows 10 genuine download. I can say that having tons of data documented is a huge step. Remember most are coming to the table with no data other than a bi-yearly review.

With tons of data you could start to perform trend analysis, comparison analysis, independent review oci.dll 다운로드. You could even establish milestones and deadlines and allow the employee to meet or not meet them. Imagine having that happen several times and auto-tracked in your personal file facebook video.

You could also do team analysis. This is something we viewed during our tour. The manager in charge would find a successful team and see what happened when those folks left the team. Did they also improve another team and did their current team see a drop. Imagine how powerful that is, you could find dead weight and determine powerful pairings.

Well, this seems so perfect for performance reviews and firing people. It has to be only a matter of time before this happens. Management is going to know what i am doing all day long, at specific times, and going to be able to call me on it 6 months later…


Live Blog – Dion Hinchcliffe on Next Gen Apps

One man, one very long powerpoint. Still interesting facts and stories can overcome the inefficiencies of 8 gillion words on each slide.

On to the story:

Dion Hinchliffe – Speaker – Next Gen Apps

Links: summary, reviews, personal blog, slideshare (not including this presentation)


API’s. The world of the interwebs is being taken over by them. The most common distribution methods for these open API’s are (1) RSS, (2) REST, (3) JSON, (4) SOAP.  An API is:

  • An interface for letting a program communicate with another program 원노트 pc 다운로드.
  • Interface that enables one program to use facilities provided by another,
  • The specific method prescribed by a computer operating system or by another application program by which a programmer writing an application program can make requests of the operating system or another application.

So, as you can tell an API is pretty complicated. The version we are talking about is an Open API. Which basically means you give out your data 리니지2 아드레날린 다운로드. You give up control of your data for a greater gain. When you do so, many things can happen. The current success stories for this new method are web platforms where folks interact with the site, share with it, link to it, and more. Dion, now dives into that.

Of these API’s RSS is by far the most popular. Althoug, the more complicated (sophisticated uses for) version is REST and is generally considered, as stated by Dion to be “the best practice” one in the community

  1. RSS – its a news feed Download the club promotional poster form. It sends you new things (news, photos, videos, etc.) whenever they are posted. The basic function is for a site to offer this service and a customer to subscribe to it. In the middle are several clients that read them, sites to store them, and much more “middlemen”.
  2. REST – “an approach for getting information content from a Web site by reading a designated Web page that contains an XML file that describes and includes the desired content Good Will Hunting download. For example, REST could be used by an online publisher to make syndicated content available. Periodically, the publisher would prepare and activate a Web page that included content and XML statements that described the content. Subscribers would need only to know the URL for the page…”
  3. JSON – “a lightweight data-interchange format Duel. It is easy for humans to read and write. It is easy for machines to parse and generate. It is based on a subset of the JavaScript Programming Language.”
  4. SOAP – “a way for a program running in one kind of operating system…to communicate with a program in the same or another kind of an operating system…by using HTTP and XML as the mechanisms for information exchange.”


Using an API to build a platform…use widgets. Widgets allow others to take your content and put into a nifty little box on some other site. These boxes are very cutesy and usable, the web loves them games for pc. Each user of this box counts as a customer for you, even though they may never visit your site, just use your widget.


Originally a term used by musicians to combine different music genres. Now, in “technology, a mashup is a web application that combines data from more than one source into a single integrated tool; an example is the use of cartographic data from Google Maps to add location information to real-estate data from Craigslist, thereby creating a new and distinct web service that was not originally provided by either source.” [1]


This is the new fab rpg2003 다운로드. It is the darling of the web world and for good reason. “Ajax (sometimes called Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a way of programming for the Web that gets rid of the hourglass.” Designed to provide rich websites with incredible speed, the example provided on this link talks about, Google Maps. Stating that you should “try out Google Maps for a few seconds. Scroll around and watch as the map updates almost before your eyes 문라이터 다운로드. There is very little lag and you don’t have to wait for pages to refresh or reload.”


  • Learn the business of web (i.e. attend his talks).
  • Study the competition (and then one-up them)
  • Really get to know your customers (they are in your backyard, go have a chat and/or spy from the upstairs window)
  • Fundamentals (what are they 각설이타령 다운로드? ask your customers…)
  • Be open to the latest tools (as soon as the new iPhone comes out buy it!)


Great overview. He goes really quick, but takes the time to explain everything. I would still like to see the fundamentals continually presented throughout the presentation weblogic 11g. This is a lot to take in and its not about just learning every programming language. Its more about the fundamentals and concepts of this new technology.  I would like to see someone think deeply about what the core fundamentals are and then provide a presentation that fits everything into those core concepts.

internet pop culture

Almost every time I hang out with a friend they drop some line on me like “have you seen this commercial?” or “did you watch the last episode of…?” Apache msi download.

The answer is usually no. I am almost completely removed from American pop culture. If you read my post titled, cancel your cable, you will like it, then you know that I have been cable free since Feb 2007 regmon 다운로드. The results of this are strange and exciting, with some positive and negative aspects to it.

The negative first. I am somewhat removed from my friends and the average person gta5 타노스 다운로드. I can’t strike up that casual conversation with folks over pop culture that I used to, sometimes I miss that common ground… I also miss key tv events, like sports games on cable-only channels, music events on MTV, and other “special” pop culture moments 인스타그램 프레임 다운로드.

Really, though, that is it. Everything else has been a boon to my life. I have more free time, I save money by avoiding the 100 dollar cable bill, and I avoid the always annoying commercial spam 강아지똥 동영상 다운로드.

The free time does give me a chance to write more, which i love, but I still miss good content. For that I have turned to internet pop culture 지금이순간 mp3 다운로드. On the net, I can watch full episodes of lots of tv shows, I can keep up with news, and there are even internet celebrities. And, more and more content is popping up Genie Talk. I can get content from the pro sources like ESPN, NBC, Comedy Central and user generated sources like audio/video podcasts and youtube.

At this point, I have all that I need and more I alsoed walking. I love my new internet pop culture in all its nerdy goodness.

I hope to share this goodness with you through my delicious bookmarks tagged with swordplaytv and tvnews 돋보기 다운로드. Take a look below and feel free to share your bookmarks with me using that tag too:

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