The Connection Is Made

This will be the first time I memorialize this aspect of my being. I have the ability to connect with someone on an unconscious level. It belies distance and any form of communication. Its nothing short of telepathy.

My newest connection is with Amy Senger.

There I was not a minute before this writing, tired, no exhuasted, riding the metro to Ballston. My eyes were closed on the verge of sleep when a random thought invades my being. It is not my thought, though. It doesn’t belong to me but I am thinking it. Next a raging emotion, also not mine, comes sweeping through my consciousness. I open my eyes. I look around in a daze.

Just what is this??

Having some experiences with this sort of connection I settle back in to my in-between consciousness. As I relax and let the feelings and thoughts wash over me, more and more come. I start to make sense out of them. I am able to separate my own thoughts and feelings from the invaders.

As I do an image of a person starts to form. It is the beautiful Amy Senger. It is her being deep in my consciousness. As it often happens many of these feelings are not directed at me, about me, or for me. They are just flowing through me and I experience them.

Occasionally, a few of them are about me. From their I have trained myself to respond. I have learned to send back feelings and thoughts through the same channel. It is a very strange thing.

Greek definition of telepathy means distant, ‘tele’, and to be affected by, patheia

I sometimes feel very weird about this. I don’t think I’m supposed to be aware of these connections. I think I’m supposed to experience them without knowing what this is. But I do know what they are. I have tested them. It is very real and very strange.

Now, I must go because Amy has just texted me to call her, strange…