Momma, I Love You

Top 5 Awesomeness about my Mom:

  1. TechWizard
    • U would not believe this about my Mom but in the last year she has become wizard. Just last month we were at grammy’s place and both geeking on our iPhone’s. Plus she texts, emails, flickr’s, twttr’s, and freakin loves her speakerphone.
  2. She Loves Talk
    • Boy does she love gabbing. I think if she had a super power it would be to engage in conversation. We can sit for hours and just talk. Mom i think you need a talk show. Or, better yet let’s you and i podcast!
  3. Fashion
    • Mom you love to shop, but even cooler you keep your fashion sense going. Sometimes I question your obsession with dolphins and leopard print, but then you pass onto lighthouses and Sting. Keep up the cool fashion sense Mom and thanks for picking out my number one favorite shoes which are crazy in fashion now.
  4. Support
    • Everyone has a number one fan and mine is of course my Momma. She reads all my twttrs and blogs (even the multiple accounts i have on both systems). She checks out my pics and watches my videos. For my new venture, A Clean Life, she is even telling everyone she knows about it and growing the cause with me.
  5. Innovator
    • I am sometimes known as an innovative thinker. In fact, sometimes i am incapable of thinking ‘inside’ the box. Not until this year did i realize where i got that from….my Mom! She is totally a game changer. She does it not for the thrill but because its the right thing to do. Though, when she does do it she does get scared. Standing up to people and telling the truth is hard, but she still does it and inspires me to keep doing so too.

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  1. Top 5 Awesomeness about my Mom:

    1. She is an expert at creating a comfortable, homely environment, including intimate knowledge of thread count, doilies, and scented foam hand soap.

    2. She is great with kids. When they see her they yell……Mz SUSAN!!!!

    3. Everyone finds her easy to talk to, approachable, and friendly.

    4. Her favorite shows are American Idol, Gilmore Girls Gossip Girl, and QVC.

    5. She taught me how to read! Thanks mom!

  2. Top 5 Awesomeness about my Mom:

    1. She gives me nicknames like “Bigfoot” because she never sees me and i’m hard to catch. I dont like that one ,even though it is funny.

    2. When I talk about my mom with my friends, they say how awesome she is, which makes them jealous and me more appreciative. ( Daniel and Sarah love my mom)

    3. Has friends named Anupa, Cookie and Rabbit

    4. Knows how to get and make things soft (wash, sheets, blanks, towels). I love soft stuff!

    5. Has a big heart, but a devious mind ( her plan has worked, all three brothers will be back under the same roof again, she was the conspirator behind it all!)

    Love ya ma!

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