I’m reminded of a story that I once heard as a sad tale. A boy decides that he wants to bake a cake for his mom. He saves his money for the cake mix and the other ingredients. Gets home only to realize that he forgot to buy eggs.

Rather, as an adult looking back at his own childhood he tells that he just didn’t know he needed eggs. So, he goes to his neighbor and asks for some eggs. She gladly gives them for his momma’s birthday.

Cake is delivered and everyone is happy. The mom is surprised and delighted. But, a few days later the mom scolds the child and grounds him after finding out that he had to ask the neighbor for eggs.

She was worried that the neighbors might think she couldn’t take care of, or feed her children.

Now the narrator finishes this off by not blaming his mom for such behavior. Instead saying that this is acceptable in our society and that it’s not making us any better or happier.

So, please think about this tale as you rush to judgement. Remember, that sometimes life is a bit more complicated than we would like to believe.