Kevin Nealon – Happy Gilmore

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I still have this memorized from Happy Gilmore, when Kevin Nealon provides some sage advice:

Yeah, lot of pressure. You gotta rise above it. You gotta harness in the good energy, block out the bad 패킷 캡쳐 다운로드. Harness. Energy. Block. Bad. Feel the flow, Happy. Feel it. It’s circular. It’s like a carousel. You pay the quarter, you get on the horse 영문 인보이스 양식 다운로드. It goes up and down and around. Circular. Circle. With the music. The flow… all good things.

My Autumn Safari through mopey Montrose park

As a self-proclaimed hater of the seasons I am starting to come around. There are minutes and sometimes whole days where I enjoy them (the rest of the time they just annoy me) Free YouTube songs.

Today was one of those days. I am a naturally mopey emo person and so this time of year delights me. The leaves are dead or dying. The trees are starkly dark, bereft of colour and beauty 카카오톡 인앱브라우저 파일 다운로드. Yet, many of the vibrant colors of the last falling leaves remain richly colorful.

Today I found all of this in colors of purple, fire, red, yellow, neon, green, and orange Download Armi6.5. Great day and the weather was in the 60s.

Today I like the seasons.

Autumn 2008 Photo Safari from steven mandzik on Vimeo